Wait, you’re in a horror movie?

While I really love watching the weather and have chosen it for my career, it’s no secret that I also have another passion (that can be quickly discovered with a quick Google search).

I love acting, too, both in films and on the theatrical stage! I have had some really amazing opportunities to work on various film sets, ranging from small, independent love story shorts to larger, full length feature zombie films (yes, awesome, I know). I have also worked for many years as a model, doing various live runway, print and showroom gigs.

Having spent so many years performing, it was a natural merge to combine those skills with my fascination of science and weather, and become a broadcast meteorologist.

Here is a short list of the films (and video links-just click on each) that I have been lucky enough to work on…

The Attic, The Islanders, Dead Creek, The Tin Man, ZombieTown, Illegal Aliens, Ice Queen.

and a link to my IMDB page

I would love the chance to do more films, so if you want to work with me (please, no films that I wouldn’t show to my dad), please get in touch and let’s talk about how we can work together.

Dead Creek

On set of ‘Dead Creek’


On set of ‘The Islanders’

Tara Lynn shoot

Modeling shoot for Tara Lynn Bridal